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University of the Punjab

Dr. Rashid Bhatti

Assistant Professor
Dr. Rashid Bhatti

I did my M.Phil from CEMB, University of the Punjab, Lahore and started to serve the center (CEMB) as a Research Officer in 2004. In CEMB, I worked in two different fields of molecular biology i.e., “Genetics” and “Virology”. In genetics, my research was on the most prevalent genetic disease in Pakistan i.e., deafness. In virology, I worked in diagnostic laboratory where I participated in the PM’s Program for Prevention & Control of Hepatitis. Later, I got Ph.D. scholarship from HEC Pakistan under 5000 indigenous scholarship scheme and did Ph.D. in 2015. I also got IRSIP scholarship from HEC, Pakistan and completed my six-month training at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Cincinnati, USA. I have produced nine M.Phil. Students and have trained two interns. My areas of interest are genetic diseases and molecular medicine. In genetic diseases, my focus is to understand the molecular mechanisms behind commonly occurring genetic disorders in Pakistani population which will be helpful in the development of strategies for diagnosis and treatment of these inherited disorders in future. In molecular medicine, my focus is on screening of Pakistani medicinal plants against Cancer and Alzheimer's disease to identify the compounds which will be helpful in making medicine against both diseases in future.

Designation:- Assistant Professor